Some people freeze when the term “corporate catering” hits the table, but if you use these vetted steps, your work event or daily office lunch will run so smoothly and make a lasting impression on everyone who attends that it will soon be old hat. Planning a corporate catering event NYC style could prove to be more demanding than you expected, but with some pre-plan tips you can make it seem effortless. One of the first things you should find out is if you have a set budget to work with or you need to present someone with a proposed budget. Either way you can use these pre-plan tips to estimate a budget for your event or fit an event into a budget.


Is this even going to need a full meal served, brunch food or just appetizers and drinks? You will need to know how many people are going to be in attendance to be able to plan efficiently for the function. When providing drinks, are you going to have an open bar, timed bar or cash only bar? Most catering services can offer you a wide selection of beverages to fit into your budget. They will also have an option to provide you with a bartender or you can have your own person handle it.

Venue and Facilities

The location of the function is going to have an impact on the caterer. Many caterers will want to know if the facility has a kitchen or other requirements they may have to deal with. There are some venues that do not allow you to bring outside food into the venue, so you will need to check that when you are looking at locations. Picking the right place to hold your corporate catering NYC style may turn out to be a challenge, but with perseverance you will find the perfect place.

Number of Guests Invited

Normally, not all guests invited will attend but you should be prepared just in case they show up unannounced. You will need to have a guest list so you can have the caterer prepared with the right amount of food. The number of people that are going to be in attendance may have an impact on where you hold the event. Many venues will have a maximum allowed limit on their rooms and halls; make sure to check this before you do final preparations.

Set up and clean up

Make sure to leave plenty of time for set up and clean up, this will affect the price of the caterer and the venue. Some facilities may rate set up and clean up at a different price then for the actual event. Also remember to allow your cater enough time for setting up her part of the event.