With good looks and panoramic views in spades, this Eastern Suburbs park is just the place to roll out for our Sydney picnic spots. Catering services are a welcome option whenever you need to organise a large gathering or celebration. Most of the major Australian cities have local food catering companies, many of which often specialize in specific kinds of events or catering services.

Types Of Food Catering

There are actually several different kinds of food catering including corporate catering, catering for black tie events, wedding caterer, and catering for large picnics and barbecues. The various categories can be divided into two main groups: buffet-style catering and sit-down dining.

With buffet-style event catering, the caterer usually organises one or more buffet tables at locations carefully chosen to facilitate easy access. The various food items are then arranged at these food stations and guests are expected to help themselves.

The main advantage of such type of party catering is that it reduces the number of servers and/or catering staff needed for the event. The catering employees need to only focus on keeping the tables well-stocked instead of having to serve every guest or invitee. This also has the added advantage of allowing them to easily and painlessly take care of any special requests without having to worry about neglecting other guests.

Buffet-style catering services also help ensure that people don’t end up with plates that are needlessly overloaded or filled with food items they are not partial to. Rather the invitees can choose as much or as little as they wish of each item and can even take repeated helpings of their favorite items. This minimises food wastage and ensures that everybody ends up enjoying their meal.

It is best to keep the party food simple in this type of catering as most buffet-style events lack formal seating arrangements and generally require invitees to hold their plates in their hands. Discussing the various menu items offered by each before making your choice of caterer ensures that the food items are mostly non-messy, easily managed finger food.

Choosing a Caterer for a Formal Dinner

A traditional sit-down dinner continues to be the best option for more formal occasions like a wedding reception or a black-tie dinner. Formal dinners usually involve multiple courses, each of which needs to be served quickly and smoothly so that the food reaches each guest at exactly the right temperature and consistency. An experienced team of chefs and servers is therefore required to successfully bring off such an event. It is therefore essential to choose party catering services that specialize in formal, black-tie events so as to ensure the presence of such a team.

Catering for a sit-down dinner is always much more expensive than its buffet counterpart because of the number of servers required to make sure that serving of food goes smoothly – a figure directly proportional to the number of guests at the event. Another key consideration when choosing the catering team for a formal dinner is ensuring that every server is an experienced hospitality industry professional. He should be capable of dealing with even the most difficult or capricious guest courteously and with minimum fuss.

To conclude, there are a numbers of catering services you can hire for your party catering needs. Making your choice has become much easier with the introduction of online business directories that allow you to quickly compile and compare lists of possible caterer and their prices.