When it comes to the shoes that I wear, I’m not really that picky. As long as a shoe or boot is comfortable, I’m happy which is why I love discount Bearpaw boots. Different kinds of ugg boots online au can be found in Australia suburbs.

Now my 9 year old niece on the other hand is quite the fashionista. She doesn’t care if a shoe is comfortable or not as long as it looks great on! Discount Bearpaw boots are one of her favorite things to wear because they are stylish and cool.

My niece had the ability to identify high end boots, shoes, purses and clothes from 100 paces as soon as she was born. When she was young, it was kind of cute. But when she hit kindergarten and some of her classmates had Ugg boots, the trouble really started. It was love at first site for her and from that day on, she had to wear the most stylish and beautiful boots that she could find. I don’t know if you have looked at a pair of Ugg boots lately, but they can be rather pricey and they are impractical for children since their feet grow so quickly. But luckily, we found the Bearpaw brand which was great because they are durable, stylish and affordable.

One of my favorite things about buying these boots is that it is extremely difficult to distinguish between them and Ugg boots. If you have ever bought boots for kids, you know that whether you buy a brand new pair of discount Bearpaw boots and or a brand new pair of Ugg boots, the child they were purchased for is only going to be able to wear them for a very short time because their feet grow all the time. So, if you are lucky enough to have money to throw away, you can keep buying Ugg boots. But if you are like most of the rest of us and live on a budge, discount Bearpaw boots have the exact same look for a much small price tag.

It is just simple math for me especially since buying these boots doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice anything. You get great looking shoes that have a lower price but are still stylish enough to make even the pickiest child happy. Did you know that even the discount Bearpaw boots will look the same and be constructed the same using the same material as the Ugg boots? Basically, the biggest difference between the two brands is that the Ugg boots actually say “Ugg” on them. You can find great looking boots without throwing away quality, look and durability.

We have a nice system set up with my niece and her friends. When the Bearpaw boots no longer fit my niece, we give them to a child in the extended family or friends of the family so that someone else can enjoy them. They are so durable and the kids outgrow them so fast that usually the boots look like they have hardly been worn. The child that inherits them got to experience the thrill of having a great pair of stylish boots to wear to school to impress her friends with. My niece has had several pairs of Bearpaw boots passed down to her and she is always thrilled to have a new pair to wear.

Discount Bearpaw boots are in style right now and everyone wants a pair. They are becoming just as hot and popular as their more expensive counterpart the Ugg. You can find great values and selection at Amazon if you are looking for discount Bearclaw boots.

The natural lining in the boots help keep your feet at an even temperature and still allow moisture to escape so you feet stay dry and toasty. You don’t even have to wear socks if you don’t want to.

You can find discount Bearpaw boots in a variety of styles, colors and sizes to make even your pickiest young shopper happy. When you get your new discount Bearpaw boots, be sure and treat them with a quality suede protector before you wear them for the first time. You can find one online or even at your local retail store.

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