Have you ever noticed that people who are really good at what they do are like artists? A couple of weeks ago my husband and I were out to dinner with some friends at a very unique restaurant. The restaurant owner and chef made everything from scratch with fresh ingredients. This wasn’t your typical mass production dinner. It was slow, thought out, and meticulously created for just a small group of people. Not being a chef, or cook, and just vaguely familiar with the culinary arts myself, I was amazed at the creativity and passion that he put into each dish he served. He truly was an artist, and his medium was food. Tv storyboard is good to motivate you to follow deadlines.

Great leadership is an art. Like the chef at our restaurant, they see the ingredients that will make up a great organization and combine them in a way no one else would think of. Like an artist, they lead from a place in their heart that bears itself out in a contagious passion. They see the possible and inspire others to follow. Their people, duly inspired, then become artists within their own realm of influence.

How do great leaders cultivate artists?

Leaders allow latitude. They don’t get heavily involved in details better left to the managers. They let managers manage while they lead. They create the environment where people thrive using and developing their unique gifts and skill-sets. Similar to the time period of the Renaissance when an unprecedented number of renowned artists rewrote history. Each famous artist apprenticed under another gifted artist who taught them enough to develop basic skills and spark their creativity. With the right tools, each apprentice was given the latitude to develop and create their own unique style. The world was changed forever. Latitude allows for creativity.

Leaders allow the freedom to fail. If you gathered some managers into a room to solve a problem and asked them what they would do, how would they solve the problem, if they knew they would not fail; I guarantee new and better ideas would surface. Now the same group of managers is asked how to solve the same problem and they are told they might fail, would they be as creative in their solutions? When managers are afraid to take a risk and really step out, then creativity is stifled. The problem may still get solved, but it may not be the best long-term solution. Real progress is made when new and creative ways of being, thinking and doing are implemented. Until there’s freedom to get it wrong, there’s no freedom to really get it right.

Leaders remind their people to create. I have a friend who is a middle school principal. He gets this concept. His theme for this school year is about being an artist. On any given day, he will ask his teachers how they were artists that day. His question leads his people to naturally think like an artist. It will become a habit as the year progresses. His school, his team, and those they’re serving, cannot help but reap the enriching benefits of artistry at work.

Great leaders are artists inspiring those on their team to also be artists. Whether you’re leading a Fortune 500 company, or a household, lead from your heart with passion. Inspire those on your team to be artists and together build a masterpiece. Learn more with aspiring artists nowadays.

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