Let’s face facts. Many of us could benefit from an increase in our activity on a daily basis. In fact, many of us are not satisfied with our particular fitness levels at this time and plan to implement some sort of exercise program to try to look and feel better. Even if you have let yourself get out of shape, don’t feel guilty; it’s never to late to put an exercise regimen in place. If you want to be successful in your weight loss journey follow the advice of Pilates instructor course.

One good exercise program used by many people today is the Windsor Pilates Method. Many love the experience the feeling of well-being after a Windsor Pilates routine. The regular practitioners reap the benefits of this discipline with moves that tone, sculpt and firm their muscles very quickly. Participants maintain better body image and walk with better posture and new confidence than people who use no exercise program.

Mari Windsor first introduced a series of tapes outlining the Windsor Pilates Method. The first tape of the series introduced the seven basic Windsor Pilates moves, presented in a low-intensity, 24 minute version. The purpose of all the exercises is to sculpt and reshape your body into the lean, fit person you have always longed to be.

In the first tape, Mari Windsor explains how to do the basic seven moves herself with tips and 3-D illustrations. The seven basis moves in this video are the Pilates 100, the roll up, single leg circles, rolling like a ball, single leg stretches, double leg stretches, and spine stretch forwards. Each one of these exercises have their own specific techniques that should be taught by a qualified instructor.

The first move, the Windsor “Pilates 100” is an exercise designed to increase circulation. In this exercise, the participant starts by breathing very slowly and then add the arms and legs gradually. This particular exercise is all about the breathing. As soon as you began to accomplish the Pilates 100 on a regular basis, you will began to look and feel great.

The next exercise, the Roll Up, is said to be the most challenging of all the seven basic Windsor Pilates exercises. The participant begins by lying in a wholly flat position on his back and then he bends his entire body in half, over his toes. To say the least, this Pilates lengthens and strengthens the entire body.

The Single Leg Circle is performed just as it sounds, with the participant lying on his back with one leg in the air, with which he slowly makes circles. The Rolling Like a Ball technique gives a gentle back massage while the participant is performing it.

The Single Leg Stretch is a Windsor Pilates movement that is considered a lot of fun because the participant feels like he is biking while upside down. This exercise is in contrast to the Double Leg Stretch Windsor Pilates move where the participant feels like a ballerina while flat on his back. The last move is the Spine Stretch Forward which is performed using a gentle stretch.

With these types of Windsor Pilates exercises available, the exercise enthusiast is spoiled for good choices on how to get and stay fit. If you perform these seven basic Windsor Pilates exercises on a regular basis, you will look and feel better and better. Contact a Windsor if you want to know the basic.

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