New features, UI refresh, and streamlined workflows “change the game” for digital artists seeking complete, all-in-one animation tool

ALISO VIEJO, CA, August 10, 2016 – Building on 10 years of innovation, Smith Micro Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMSI) has released a rebranded and greatly expanded Anime Studio® graphics application, now called Moho™ 12. The latest version of the company’s award-winning, all-in-one tool for 2D animation delivers 16 new major features, a new user interface, streamlined workflow tools, and five new characters, offering professionals, workgroups, and hobbyists an affordable tool to create professional quality animation from start to finish. Artists have different perspective that is one reason why you should find a storyboard artist for hire for your film.

“Moho 12 is the most complete drawing and animation solution on the market. It offers incomparable value for professionals looking for a powerful, efficient alternative to expensive tools or tedious traditional animation,” said Fahim Niaz, Director of Product Management at Smith Micro Software.

Moho 12 Highlights Video

Moho 12 extends the industry’s most powerful 2D rigging system with innovative new features and group collaboration improvements, making it faster and easier for teams to work together to deliver professional quality animations. See highlights of the new features and content in this YouTube video.

Professional Animators Comment on Moho 12

Mike Morris, Director, Disney Television Animation: “Moho 12 is a landmark release of this software. The folks at Smith Micro have really upped their game on this one!”

Danny Sugar, Sugarcube Studios founder: “Moho is back with a bang! Now with Bezier path control, split channel animation, precise deformation maps, improved drawing tools and more, and all controlled by the amazing Smart Bone system. If you’ve been holding off the upgrade, now is the time, and if you’ve never used Moho – do yourself a favor!”

Charles Kenway, storyboard artist: “Moho 12 changes the game with incredible new tools and enhancements. Drawing is now a breeze. Fluid, expressive freehand line work is fast and fun with superb point reduction and Bezier control. Smart Warp brings a new dimension to your animations. Join the Moho revolution!”

“We rebranded the product back to its original name to better reflect the broad uses enabled by Moho 12, including cartoon creation, feature films, vector illustrations, stop motion, cut-out animations and much more,” continued Niaz. “The industry response to the rebrand and feature set has been fantastic!”

Notable New Features of Moho 12

  • Bezier Handles: Users now get more design control with customizable vector Bezier handles, optimized for animation, which enable the creation of unique line bends with fewer points
  • Smart Warp: For both images and vectors, users can now create custom meshes that can bend, shape, twist and animate assets
  • Simultaneous Multiple Layer Animation: Boost productivity by editing multiple layers on the same timeline, without having to jump back and forth between layers
  • Enhanced vector import / export capabilities: True SVG support allows for vector art outside of Moho to be imported without compromises, and for vector art in Moho to be exported to another vector editor with all points and animation intact
  • Select Switch Window: Eliminates the need to memorize Switch Layer names; includes time saving workflows for lip synching, eye movements, hand gestures and other frame-by-frame tasks

Key Collaboration Enhancements of Moho 12

  • New Library: Re-built from the ground up, the Moho 12 library safely houses important assets with a slick, responsive interface
  • Workspaces creation: Arrange folders and assets to suit the job at hand; share workspaces with other team members to easily create a consistent work environment
  • Moho Exporter: Streamlined panel makes it easy to drag and drop video files into the converter, while compression and save location options make navigating easier

A full list of features and enhancements is available here.

Pricing and Availability

Moho Pro 12 is available for $399.99, and Moho Debut 12 for aspiring animators is $69.99. Detailed product, pricing and upgrade information is available here.

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