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There is a big emphasis on waste disposal methods. The methods are largely different, with many factors that dictate the use of one over the other. One such is the level of development, the character of the area, i.e. whether it’s rural or metropolitan and general policies established by local governments. In any case, the most popular waste disposal methods are:

Landfill – by far the most popular method around the globe. The method features burying a big volume of waste in land, usually a location which is vacant and designated for the purpose of a landfill. Modern landfills represent a sanitised method for waste removal, however older and poorly designed areas are more problematic. Features of responsible and modern landfills include compressing the waste into more compact form, special lining and gas extraction installations, which help with extracting the gas produced in the waste to the surface.
Incineration – in essence this represents combustion of waste removal The thermal treatment of materials turns them from solid state to steam, gas, debris, ash and heat. The most significant drawback of this method is that it creates dangerous gases, which can be hazardous to the environment. This is a common alternative for landfill methods, often because the scarcity of land leads to the need to dispose of the waste in a different manner.
Recycling – recycling by definition features turning waste materials into usable products. The main benefit of recycling is that it uses materials again instead of creating new ones, in which lies the main benefit of this waste disposal It is largely preferred and constantly being developed and made more effective because it reduces greenhouse gas emissions and conserves energy, which would otherwise be used in the creation of raw materials.
Organic reprocessing – material coming from organic waste removal source, such as kitchen waste, garden plants and leaves, in some cases even paper. Reprocessing of such organic matter occurs on a compost pile, where biological decomposition takes place. The resulting material is compost or mulch, which finds many uses in gardening and landscaping.
Energy recovery – generating energy, through combustion of waste products is another great method of waste disposal. There are two most common heat treatments that work best for energy recovery: gasification and pyrolylis. Both of them feature heating up materials without the supply of oxygen. A byproduct, known as char, is created in the process, but it too can be included in the production process of usable materials.
Reduction and avoidance – perhaps the most advocated method for waste handling is prevention and reduction of waste. Waste reduction is considered among the best waste clearance methods, in that it eliminates the need for special handling of waste. Know more about products, designed for reusing are becoming ever more popular.

These are the most popular waste disposal methods, which are used around the world. There are drawbacks and benefits to each of them, so resorting to one or another should be done with care.