Canapes are crucial for a truly fabulous party. Every guest’s first impression, they are perfect for setting the tone and getting people in the party mood! A bit like the cocktail of the food world, they can be fun and frivolous and downright decadent, but don’t think they have to be hard to create. We have compiled a few tips for creating simple yummy canapes at home, and a few pointers on the next ‘little’ thing in canapes from one of the UK’s top catering companies too! Another high recommended canape catering in Sydney is, I’m sure you will be satisfied with the delicious menus that they will serve.


If you are making canapes for a party at home, then keep it fairly simple but still stunning by following these five tips:

1. If you stick to seasonal produce, then the most basic food can speak for itself – consider delicious seamed new season’s asparagus drizzled with melted butter and lashings of salt and pepper, and with homemade hollandaise to dip.

2. Think creatively with your serving vessels – use little spoons or shot glasses to serve, or try rosemary skewers for lamb.

3. Remember that pretty much every favourite dish can be made in to a tiny mouthful with a bit of thought. Shrink down the classic roast beef into a mini Yorkshire, with a sliver of rare beef, and some horseradish cream.

4. If you don’t want the trouble of making a main course bite sized, then think about using food that is already bite sized – cherry tomatoes filled with delicious creamy buffalo mozzarella, or king prawns tossed in chilli and lime skins, served with big bowls of homemade mayonnaise.

5. And don’t forget your pudding canapes – they are the easiest to make! Any tray baked biscuit or cake can be cut up into bite sized mouthfuls – try chocolate brownie dusted with edible glitter for that party feel, and don’t forget fruit skewers with bowls of melted chocolate on the side.

If you are lucky enough to be using a caterer to create your canapes, then these ideas from “rhubarb” food design’s Menu Consultant Phil Owens, might help you make some crucial canapes decisions for your parties in 2010.

6. Think about cool cocktail canape sorbets on elegant spoons – try strawberry margarita sorbet with fresh strawberries and edible flowers. Delicious and refreshing.

7. Try creamy seasonal risotti in crisp cornets – in fresh and rich flavours such as asparagus with taleggio, or heirloom tomato with mascarpone and basil.

8. Make things pretty as a picture with melt in the mouth savoury beetroot macaroons with creamed goat’s cheese and pain d’epice.

9. For really incredible taste sensations, “rhubarb” like to work with intense vegetable and fruit powders – try crayfish brandade scented with tomato powder on a lemon puree.

10. And finally, don’t forget more substantial canapes or bowl food. They still feel special, but you get a lot more from your caterer for your money and they are great for guest’s favourites too – mini bowls of bangers and mash everyone?

Here the author Sara Allom writes about how to prepare and present Canapes, at the party as starter. Rhubarb has its share in preparing and presenting the Canapes of different flavour.

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